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White Sheep

Black Flock

Uchiha Obito
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First and only son of Uchiha Natabe and Uchiha Michiko, Obito is part of the Branch-House of the Uchiha Clan. Born on October 23, Obito is the third-ranked male in his family, bested only by Uchiha Shisui and Uchiha Itachi of the Main-House.

In his free time, Obito likes to hang out with his friends- Iruka, Rin, and sometimes Kakashi. As a child Obito was a misfit- he cried easily and was lazy, laid-back and mostly a slacker. Put into Kakashi's team, he was really shaken by the sheer aloofness of the other boy and how easily he could be put to tears by this.

Now, at age thirteen, Obito is going to attempt to pass the Chuushin exams, win over Rin's heart and gain Kakashi's respect.

Can he do it?


Name: Uchiha Obito
Age: 13
Rank: Gennin
Gender: Male
Birthday:October 23
Likes: Dango, Ramen, watching clouds, playing tricks, girls
Dislikes: Kakashi, vegitables, working

About the mun

Name: Hashi
Age: 16
Country: America
Personal LJ: chronophobe
Likes: Naruto, food, candy, RP-ing, music, staying warm, being clean, poptarts!, her Possum.
Dislikes: Chatspeak, being dirty, stuffy noses, hair on clothing, being cold, asparagus.
AIM: Old Motel Bed

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